Packages & Fees

Package & Additional Fees for Management Services



A. Full Management Fee                                               10% of Rent due

B. Rent Collections Service                                            8% of Rent due

C. Finder’s Fee including Deposit Registration             £450.00 (one off payment)

D. Finder's Fee (Landlord to Register Deposit)             £400.00 (one off payment)


 Additional Charges:

  Tenancy Set Up & Agreement (3 copies):                        £ 80.00

  Tenancy Renewal Fee (3 copies):                                    £ 80.00

  Deposit Protections Service Registration Fee:                 £ 50.00

  Gas Safety Inspection/Certificate:                                  £ 75.00

  Boiler Service (includes up to 3 appliances):                   £ 85.00

 Combined Annual Boiler Service & Gas Safety  Inspection/Certificate:   

(Includes up to 3 appliances, £25 Saving)                         £135.00                                                                Energy Performance Certificate:   price on request                               

 From April 2018 minimum Energy Performance will be (Lower ratings are not accepted)

  Legionella Assessment (initial visit):                                £ 60.00

 *Issuing Notice of Seeking Possession:                            £ 50.00

  *Rent Increase Notice                                                    £ 25.00

 *Inspections:                                                                  £ 25.00

 *Obtaining estimates or quotes/visits/meetings:             £ 10 per quote / per visit / meeting

 * These fees are included in the Full Management Package

 Inventory & Check In

 Island Independent Inventories (price on request)

 Redirection of mail overseas:  cost of postage                

 Deposit Dispute Fee:    £250.00 (Applies to packages C and D, only if the case is presented to an Adjudicator)

Although the aim is to take every care of the property, cannot accept responsibility for non-payment of rent, damage or other default by tenants, or any associated legal costs incurred in there collection where has acted correctly in terms of the agreement or on the landlords instruction. An insurance policy is recommended for this eventuality.


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"I found to offer a professional, yet friendly service" - Claire Sykes, Cowes


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